We believe that support for neurodiverse individuals should be innovative.
We take an accessible approach in helping autistic kids and their families find supportive environments and feel empowered.
AI on Spectrum
Our dream
Where the neurodiverse in Australia have access to learn coping strategies at their own pace to aid them in their journey to survive and thrive in a Neurotypical world.

In a world not set up for supportive differences, we want to become a lifelong partner in helping autistic individuals take steps towards independent living; reduce harmful behaviours towards themselves, put an end to violence perpetrated against them, and amplify their voices when they are able to advocate for themselves.

The Team
We're building a platform and safe space for children with ASD or other developmental disabilities to understand the context behind what they are feeling, "play" with emotions and provide solutions for letting out "Big Feelings".
Anton Polevoy
Software Engineer
Anton is a game developer graduate who has experience in developing educational games for early readers and writers and educational 3D strategies in Unity game engine.
Kateryna Tsysarenko
Product Manager / Software Engineer
Holding a Bachelor of Computer Science and passionate about working with people, she launched her career in advertising before moving into TV as an executive producer. A decade later, ever more passionate about technology and social change, Kat pivoted back to the tech industry in 2018 and began developing iOS applications.
Gillian Ong
Community Engagement
Originally from a Media & Communications background, Gill decided to pursue her passion in psychology and is putting her degree to good use as the chief evangelist of our team. She's also an avid neurodiversity advocate and believes in inspiring others to make the world a more inclusive place.

During her free time, she enjoys spin cycling 🚴 & Yoga. 🧘
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