Rasing resilient children
We believe emotional education for children should be accessible.
How to register
You will need to create 2 accounts to access all the functionality of the app:
one for a carer and one for a child.
Register account for a carer
Create an account with type of the user CARER
Register account for a child*
Create an account with type of the user PLAYER
Generate connection code
Through Connections in player's profile add NEW CONNECTION (generate code)
Redeem connection code
Through Connections in carer's profile redeem CONNECTION CODE
If your child doesn't have an email yet you can register the player's account using your email.
I.e. your email is carer@example.com, you can register the player's account with carer+childsname@example.com.
What to expect?
Emodo presents a series of games that allow children to learn and think about emotions in connection with the physical look of that emotion or feeling.
QUIZ - Emotional Labeling
Flashcards with facial expressions
Choose the word that corresponds to the expression - you only get points for the first attempt! If you get it wrong, don't worry, an emoji will pop up to guide you . On your next incorrect attempt, 2 wrong answers will be removed.
Levelling up : there are 3 levels of difficulty. 10 right answers in a row will automatically trigger a level change.
The number of attempts and data recorded during the game are available on the dashboard of the connected carer.
Alternative activities
provide coping strategies for big feelings and fun interactive games to improve focus and concentration.
Copy Cat - Emotion charades
copy and demonstrate the emotion that is shown in the picture.
Step by step
EMODO aims to support the children's socio-
emotional wellbeing by empowering them to
recognise, verbalise and learn coping strategies for
big feelings.
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